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Summer 2006 Concert and Motorcycle Treasure Hunt
Sunday, July 16, 2006
The Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Inc.

The afternoon of Sunday, July 16th, is the date of the Summer 2006 ROCK SAFE Benefit Concert, and (for those who drive on two motorized wheels) Motorcycle Treasure Hunt. This is a chance to enjoy some great entertainment while supporting the ROCK SAFE mission and The Bridge Over Troubled Waters. The Bridge is a non-profit comprehensive crisis center providing services to women and children affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and homelessness.

The ALL AGES-friendly concert starts at 2:00 pm at Fitzgerald's in the Houston Heights (2706 White Oak Drive [see map]) and features exceptional local talent including Jessica Collins at 2:00 pm, Cross Romantics at 3:00 pm, skyblue72 at 4:15 pm, Perseph1 at 5:00 pm, Arthur Yoria at 5:45 pm, and Sevenfold at 6:30 pm. Come on out, make new friends, listen to some great music, and enjoy lunch and/or dinner at the new grill on the Fitzgerald's patio. Cover is a $5.00 donation to The Bridge for those 18 and over, free for those under 18.

For our friends who ride motorcycles, join us at Clear Lake Park starting at noon (registration at 11:00) for a scenic motorcycle ride and treasure hunt! This 105 mile trek starts at Clear Lake Park (5001 Nasa Parkway in Seabrook [see map]) and ends at Fitzgerald's, with all funds benefiting The Bridge. You can download and print a Bike Ride Entry Form using this link.

Performers Guide

We designed the program for this event to bring you a showcase consisting of an exceptional group of performers. The six performances at ROCK SAFE will span a broad range of Houston's best vocal artists, including male and female soloists, acoustic rock, hard rock, and rap, with talent ranging from highly acclaimed and well known singers to some of Houston's best and youngest emerging talent.

Jessica Collins at 2:00 pm

"This is all I can give you. If I can hold your heart while it's breaking, make you smile for just a little while, then my life would be complete. You are the reason. You give the meaning. If you are hurting and you need someone to sing to you, I will be there. If you need someone to help you find your smile, I will be there. I will do what I can! Music is a constant, it is always there for us."
- Jessica Collins 2006.

Singing and writing is in her soul. It is what she was born to do. Like so many others Jessica got her start in church. From a young age she knew she had a role to play in the music industry. Now she is knocking down the door to her dreams!

After crafting her gift over many years, Jessica started working with Daryl Youngblood of Duotone Studios. Daryl has helped her grow even more as a musician and songwriter in the past year. MyCityRocks is pleased to have Jessica to open the ROCK SAFE event this Sunday!

Cross Romantics at 3:00 pm

In our efforts to showcase the diversity of talent in Houston, and do so at an event focusing on helping young people, we thought it would be appropriate to bring you one of Houston's most interesting bands made up of high-school age performers. The Cross Romantics are a group of young men ages 15, 15, 16 and 18. They are an acoustical rock band, they write their own songs and have been performing together for 2 years. They write:

"We started this band by wanting an outlet to vent our teen angst... and it developed into over 20 original songs... about our teen view of life and the day to day problems we encounter as we grow into adulthood... Love, anger, hurt and parents... our struggles with dealing with those moments and the lessons we have learned from them... we hope to reach people our age who are going thru the same... adults who have teens and can also remember what it was like to be us!! We have watched kids our age and ourselves struggle with love, death, suicide, drugs, drinking, anger, feeling like they do not belong... always wondering what path they are on or should take. We try not to answer these questions... just sympathize with the struggle... to let you know you're not alone... just remember that we are given only what we can handle... and our struggle makes us what we are!!"
--Cross Romantics

skyblue72 at 4:15 pm

Jessica Zweback on drums and vocals is joined by Davis Jumper and Frank Zweback in one of Houston's very best bands fronted by a female vocalist. Jessica is currently in the running for Best Female Vocalist in the 2006 Houston Press Music Awards. Jessica writes:

"We are skyblue72 and we play music and we like it--but do you? If so wicked awesome! i am Jessica i sing i play drums. To my immediate right would be Frank. He plays bass, he really grooves it, he really rocks it, he is my big brother, he can ride a unicycle! Additionally to my left is Davis, he plays guitar, he plays great, he sings, he just got a cool blue guitar, he rolls around on the ground sometimes! We are from houston tx. We love to talk and meet humans or others!
--love skyblue72.

Perseph1 at 5:00 pm

Perseph1 provides a sample of Houston's exceptional rap talent. She started out rhyming in 96 in Kansas City, Missouri... She went by 1st lady then. In 99 she switched it up to Persephone, forming a rap group called Ces Cru. She then moved to Houston, Texas in 2001, joining a band with local veterans called Dubtex. She went solo in 2005, doing countless shows and opening up for major acts on tour such as Jean Grey, Talib Kweli, Brother Ali, Blueprint, Fes, c-Rayz Walz, and Big Wizz. She has shared the stage with krs-one and many improv bands such as the Free Radicals..including guest appearances. Perseph has completed her first full length album called "Eartha Spitts"... it will be in stores soon..and she is continuing her work on a second project. In reviewing a recent Perseph1 performance, MyCityRocker Carrie wrote:

"Do not be fooled by the seemingly calm and one-love demeanor of the female freestyler Perseph1, for she can flow with the big dogs. Her rhymes are filled with references to female oppression and the need for more equality for all. The intellectual factor of this girl is through the roof, for her rhymes are the most intelligent I have ever heard. She is capable of free styling the normal stylization of a song, such as a chorus, followed by a verse and a bridge, and then spout out the exact same chorus she made up only seconds prior. Her memory is unbeatable. What a relief to have a beautiful, educated female to represent all our lovely ladies!

Arthur Yoria at 5:45 pm

Arthur Yoria played at the MyCityRocks Katrina Relief Benefit last September (photo above), and we were just floored by his incredible signing talent. It was such a treat, we've invited him back to the ROCK SAFE concert so more of our friends will have a chance to hear him.

Arthur writes:

"I'm originally from Chicago, IL but moved to Houston, TX when I was a kid. In any case, I met a guy at the University of Houston about 9 years ago who taught me how to play a couple of chords on the guitar. I wrote some songs, dropped out of college, played in some bands, went solo, released a couple of EPs, garnered interest from some major labels, got tired of waiting, started a label, 12Records w/ my buddy and former Houston Rocket, Matt Maloney and recorded a full-length album, I'll Be Here Awake. I released I'll Be Here Awake in 2003 but came down with a nasty case of panic disorder which made me agoraphobic for the remainder of '03. Got some medication, got better, toured the US & the UK, had the number 8 single in the US on specialty radio, had songs used on various MTV shows, The OC, the Felicity DVD collection, a couple of independent films and will have a song used in an upcoming National Lampoon film, Adam & Eve. I've just finished recording a 5-song EP of songs in Spanish (I'm Colombian/American) as well as a 3-song EP of new stuff in English and I'm currently planning tours in both the U.S. and Latin America to promote these releases. I'd very much like to meet you in person and hear your story."
-- Arthur Yoria

Sevenfold at 6:30 pm

We close the show with the hardest rock of the night, bringing Sevenfold to the stage. Sevenfold incorporates multiple time signature changes with groove oriented lines and the most high energy stage performances ever witnessed, leaving crowds asking for more. However, instead of delivering angst driven, drug induced rants typical of many modern metal bands, Sevenfold's lead storyteller does just that....he sings stories with intelligence, purpose and passion.


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